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Pope John Paul II: The Millennial Pope DVDPope John Paul II: The Millennial Pope DVD
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Angel Earrings (SKU: P2198)Angel Earrings (SKU: P2198)
Bead and Crystal Vatican Bracelet (SKU: P9126)Bead and Crystal Vatican Bracelet (SKU: P9126)
Cherub Pendant Vatican Necklace (SKU: P6221-2)Cherub Pendant Vatican Necklace (SKU: P6221-2)
Crucifix Book Mark (SKU: P6279)Crucifix Book Mark (SKU: P6279)
Crucifix Necklace Vatican Library Collection (SKU: P2197)Crucifix Necklace Vatican Library Collection (SKU: P2197)
Holy Mother Medallion Vatican Necklace (SKU: P6220)Holy Mother Medallion Vatican Necklace (SKU: P6220)
Jeus my Savior Money Clip (SKU: P6222)Jeus my Savior Money Clip (SKU: P6222)
Mother Mary Cuff Links (SKU: 91242)Mother Mary Cuff Links (SKU: 91242)
Pearl Rosary (SKU: P6188)Pearl Rosary (SKU: P6188)
Silver Cut-out Cross Medallion Vatican Collection Necklace (SKU: P4913)Silver Cut-out Cross Medallion Vatican Collection Necklace (SKU: P4913)

The Vatican Library Collection is meticulously hand-made with the finest materials and workmanship, our jewelry may contain gold, silver, brass, copper, nickel, pewter, Swarovski crystals, etc.  All Vatican Jewelry comes in a distinctive green and gold embossed gift box bearing the Vatican logo. This stunning line of Catholic Jewelry and Religious Gifts was created from renowned works of art from the Vatican Library in Rome! The most unique and beautiful Catholic Gifts, all at great prices!

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